Will Arbery on "For the toward" and working with BOOMERANG

Soon to meet up again with the awesome playwright and theater/film artist Will Arbery for our BOOMERANG performances of "For the toward" with Arbery & Matty Davis. Check out what Arbery wrote about working with BOOMERANG below! Come out RAIN of SHINE to MCA in CHICAGO on Sunday, APRIL 22nd. FREE at noon, 1, 2, 3, & 4 PM. https://mcachicago.org/…/…/MCA-Live-BOOMERANG-For-The-Toward 

"The title for this piece comes from a poem I wrote about Alberto Giacometti: I don't know if to work, to do something... if this is working for something, towards something for the toward, or for the mere collection of mistakes. Or toward something in order to finally begin. Three years later, I still don't know why we work, why we do anything at all, and sometimes I can barely stand up, and sometimes I'm exhausted by the prospect of even opening my eyes. Another day & still no answer. But if the answer isn't an answer, if the question is allowed to stay a question, it starts to feel better. And I think the non-answer is in the title. We work for the toward. For the three years that I've been doing this dance, it has taken on the quality of a prayer. It pulls me out of myself. I offer it up for people in my life. This time, I think I'll offer it up for my collaborator Matty, performing despite the backward & for the toward of a recent injury. We're recalibrating the piece towards the spasming tenderness of his right hand. As we approach these upcoming performances, I think of another line in the poem: My stick was a knife, my arm was a knife, my head was a knife, my eyes. We are our own wounders & wonders, we're our own healers, our work is for our toward. It doesn't make sense. It's heavy & dirty. It's not going to end. We're always in it. " Also...Read what he wrote in HowlRound last year!