Chicago and Kalamazoo

BOOMERANG had a super productive week with Matty Davis and Will Arbery in Chicago last week. We had good rehearsals at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Visceral Dance Center, and a cool video shoot for the upcoming THAW 2015 performance (coming up March 19th at Block 37via Links Hall). We received great feedback on our newly expanded duet "For the toward" via Nora Sharp and Research Project #7 at Outerspace March 7th where we showed a solo excerpt and our showing March 8th of the full evening-length duet at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Thanks to all the folks that came out!!! We also had another wonderful time Latin School of Chicago with Adriana Durant on March 9th. Hard work and worth it. We are looking forward to performing at THAW 2015 on March 19th and at the RADFest in Kalamazoo on March 21st. We have some upcoming performances and another film shoot in NYC in April so we'll be headed back to the East coast soon!