BOOMERANG's "For the toward" shortlisted at ArtPrize!

BOOMERANG's "For the toward" was chosen out of more than 150 works as the top 5 in the time-based category at ArtPrize in Michigan!

"I mean, I saw a lot of performance, but this work stood out in its intensity. It’s very focused, as well. It’s about negotiating the unbearable baggage of an intimate relationship. It’s abstract but very legible, really accessible, and palpable--the energy between the two performers. And the materials—nails and big discs of steel—you really felt the energy from one moment to the next. It was relentless, and very magnetic."

- Shari Frilot, Los Angeles-based Senior Programmer of Sundance Film Festival and Curator of New Frontier at Sundance, Juror of Time-Based work at Art Prize